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Apollo LED Grow Lights
Based on 1 reviews.
The Apollo LED Grow Lights are a popular form of indoor full spectrum lighting amongst horticultural enthusiasts and professionals the world over. As an effective alternative to High Intensity Dischar..
Bamboo Cleaning Sticks
Based on 1 reviews.
A pack of 6 Bamboo Cleaning Sticks that can be used with any portable or table top vaporizer.   ..
Cleaning Alcohol Pads - 200 pcs
A box of 200 pcs Alcohol Pads ideal for cleaning both your portable vaporizer or desktop vaporizer. The pads are saturated with 70% Alcohol and they are perfect for precision cleaning and to get into ..
Hanging Drying Racks
Based on 1 reviews.
The Hanging Drying Racks by Vape Store allows you to easily and safely dry your crop. Made of high quality breathable Nylon mesh construction, the drying racks is specially designed to hang from the c..
Happy Hippie Bags (Bubble Bags)
Based on 13 reviews.
Constructed with the best materials and heavy duty stitching, the Happy Hippie Bags are all you need to produce high quality herbal extract from left over trim, with no contaminants. These revolutiona..
Magic Flight UFO (Unnamed Filtration Object)
The Magic Flight UFO (Unnamed Filtration Object) is an ingenious portable bubbler that can turn any drinking glass into a water bubbler for on-the-go vaping, within seconds. Hand crafted in San Die..
MNG Liquid X 60ml
The MNG Liquid X is able to transform your herbal concentrates (wax, honey oil, etc) into E-Liquid form to be used in any electronic cigarette type of vaporizer. MNG Liquid X can dilute any type of..
Power Bank
The Power Bank by Storz & Bickel holds enough power to recharge a portable vaporiser about 2/3 times, depending on the battery size. The custom-built power bank features rechargeable Li-Ion batter..
Purps Cleaning Liquid
PURPS is a new specialty cleaning liquid designed for use by 420 enthusiasts, for 420 enthusiasts. Purps is a multi-surface product meant for use on glass, metal or ceramic but not on acrylics. Simply..
Samsung 18650 Battery
A genuine Samsung INR18650-25R 2500mAh Rechargeable Battery. This is the newest flat top green version with a 20A rating and made in Korea. This battery is compatible with all vapes that use a remo..
Sony 18650 Battery
A genuine Sony US18650VTC4 Rechargeable Battery. This is the newest high drain flat top Sony 18650 Li-Ion with a 30A rating. For high drain applications the Sony VTC4 is the top-selling and most trust..
Stainless Steel Screen (50/25 micron)
Based on 4 reviews.
A pack of Stainless Steel Screen to be used with the Waxy! Glass Tubes. The screens (50 or 25 ยต) are made in Germany from high grade surgical steel and can be used in place of the paper coffee filters..
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