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Iceborn & Waterpipe Adapter
The ZEUS Iceborn and Waterpipe Adapter for ARC vaporiser is the best solution when you want to connect your vaporiser to any water tool or to the ZEUS Iceborn cooling system. When using the Iceborn..
Zeus ARC Glass Spacer
The Zeus ARC Glass Spacer is made of borosilicate glass and shaped to perfectly fit the oven of your ARC Vaporizer. The Glass Spacer is the perfect solution for those looking to reduce the side of th..
Zeus ARC GT Care Package
The Zeus ARC GT Care Package is one of those must-have accessory for your ARC GT Vaporiser. The Care Package and includes the medical grade silicone mouthpiece, gold plated Screen and gold plated Heat..
Zeus ARC Tool
The ZEUS ARC Tool is magnetically attached to the bottom end of your ARC vaporizer and it can be used as an utility tool when you need to stir the herb inside the chamber, for emptying it at the end o..
ZEUS Armor
The ZEUS Armor is the perfect carrying case for almost any portable vaporizer but it was originally designed to fit the ZEUS ARC Vaporizer and its gadgets. The ZEUS Armor features a foam lined inte..
ZEUS Iceborn
The ZEUS Iceborn is a revolutionary vapor-cooling device that uses ice filtration to improve the vapor quality and quantity. Compatible with virtually any vaporizer, the Iceborn will deliver smooth..
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