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Launch Box (MFLB) Parts

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Acrylic Stem Mouthpiece for Launch Box
Based on 2 reviews.
One original Magic Flight Acrylic Draw Stem for Launch Box vaporizer. The Acrylic Stem is heat-resistant and cools the vapor to give you the perfect draw. The artists at Magic-Flight cut, be..
Battery Charger for Launch Box
One original Magic Flight Battery Charger identical to the charger included with the Magic-Flight Launch Box you've purchased. This replacement Magic Flight Charger will work exclusively with AA ..
Battery Push Back Ring
Based on 1 reviews.
One replacement Battery Push Back Ring for Magic Flight Launch Box vaporizer. The rubber ring fits into the battery hole and serves as an automatic shut off when you release the battery. Battery Push ..
Battery Set for Launch Box
Based on 3 reviews.
One set of original Magic Flight Batteries. These NiMH AA rechargeable batteries come with the protective branded black caps and have been designed specifically for use with the Launch Box Vaporizer. ..
Glass Stem Mouthpiece for Launch Box
One original Glass Draw Stem mouthpiece for Magic Flight Launch Box portable vaporizer. The Glass Stem gives users a unique experience while vaping in both its polished appearance and its utility..
Magic Flight Herbal Concentrate Trays
Designed by Magic Flight for its Launch Box portable vaporizer, the Herbal Concentrate Trays will will enable Launch Box owners to vaporize herbal concentrates and extracts simply and efficiently in t..
Magic Flight Launch Box Draw Whip w/ Mouthpiece
One Draw Whip Tubing for Magic Flight Launch Box. The food grade silicon hose comes with one mouthpiece and one acrylic adapter to fit into the mouthpiece hole of the vaporize..
Magic Flight Power Adapter 2.1
Based on 7 reviews.
The Magic Flight Power Adapter 2.1 gives you unlimited power at the press of a button. If you own one of these very popular portable vaporizers, then you know that continuously having to charge i..
Magic Flight UFO (Unnamed Filtration Object)
The Magic Flight UFO (Unnamed Filtration Object) is an ingenious portable bubbler that can turn any drinking glass into a water bubbler for on-the-go vaping, within seconds. Hand crafted in San Die..
Magic Flight Water Piece Whip
The Magic Flight Water Piece Whip is used for attaching the Magic Flight Launch Box to your water tool. Water cooled vapor makes for a more enjoyable experience with Launch Box. Pair with th..
Magic Flight Wood Stem
The Magic Flight Wood Stem (or mouthpiece) is constructed from a variety of exotic woods specifically designed to fit the Magic Flight Launch Box draw port. The porous nature of wood is resistant to ..
Orbiter by Magic Flight
Based on 3 reviews.
The Magic Flight Orbiter is a must-have accessory for any Launch Box enthusiast but since it can be easily connected to any vaporizer, why not making every draw smooth and enjoyable? Equipped with tw..
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