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High Temperature Vapor Cap High Temperature Vapor Cap
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The High Temperature Vapor Cap Black Model 234 for Lotus Vaporizers is an upgrade from the regular Herbal Vapor Cap and it is recommended when vaping concentrates with either your standard pipe or in conjunction with the Lotus Water Pipe Adapter. The Black Model 234 is a lot stronger than the ori..
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Model: LOTHP
One Replacement Hot Plate Kit for Lotus Vaporizer. If you happen to have overheated or damaged the plate of your Lotus vape, worry not. Here’s a replacement Hot Plate Kit which includes the screws, allen wrench key and instructions. Each order includes: 1pc Hot Plate 2pcs Screws 1pc All..
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Stainless Steel Liquid Pad for Lotus Vaporizers. The Liquid Pad can be used for anything beyond dry herb. The high temperature Black Cap is recommended to be used with this.   The Liquid Pad can take a maximum of 4 drops of your favorite herbal concentrate.    Each order i..
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Brand: 7th Floor Model: LOT SCR
Replacement Screen (Standard Mesh) for Lotus Vaporizer. These stainless steel screens normal are manufactured specifically for vaporizer use (using surgical grade steel) and designed to fit the Lotus devices perfectly. Each pack contains 10 replacement screens.  ..
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