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Firefly / Firefly 2 Parts

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Firefly / Firefly 2 Cleaning Wipes
One pack of 30 Alcohol Cleaning Wipes for Firefly vaporizers. The isopropyl alcohol swabs can be used for the cleaning of any portable or desktop vaporizer. Each order includes: 30 pcs Firefl..
Firefly / Firefly 2 Concentrate Pad Set
Pack of 3 Concentrate Pads for use with the Firefly vaporizer or with the newer Firefly 2. These stainless steel mesh pads are for the use of solid concentrates. Fit the pad in the Firefly/Firefly ..
Firefly / Firefly 2 External Charger
The Firefly External Charger allows you to charge your Firefly batteries outside of the Firefly vaporizer. The carger is compatible also with the battery of the latest Firefly 2 vaporizer. Capable of..
Firefly 2 Battery
One Firefly 2 Battery compatible also with the original Firefly vaporizer. This is a rechargeable 770 mAh Li-Ion battery. Each order includes: 1pc Firefly 2 Battery   ..
Firefly 2 Carrying Case
The Firefly 2 Carrying Case is our favourite travel solution for the Firefly 2 Vaporizer. The sleek and sturdy nylon and plastic case will protect your Firefly 2 from impact and dust. Each order in..
Firefly 2 Charging Dock
One Firefly 2 Charging Dock compatible exclusively with the Firefly 2 portable vaporizer. USB 3.0 compatible, the dock can recharge your vaporizer’s battery in as little as 45 minutes when using a 9-v..
Firefly 2 Mouthpiece
One pack of two replacement Firefly 2 Mouthpiece. Each mouthpiece comes with the proprietary micro particulate filter screen. Each order includes: 2pc Firefly2 Mouthpiece with screen &..
Firefly 2 Top Lid
One replacement Firefly 2 Top Lid cover for the latest Firefly 2 vaporizer, constructed from magnesium alloy, borosilicate glass and quartz window. Use this top lid as replacement lid or to change ..
Firefly Battery
One Firefly Battery original by NWT Holdings. The battery can be swapped quickly and easily and it is compatible with the Firefly 1st generation as well as the latest Firefly 2. Each order includes..
Firefly Car Charger (Firefly 1)
One original Firefly Car Charger compatible exclusively to the Firefly portable vaporizer. The car charger plug will fit any 12v car power outlet.   Each order includes: 1pc Firefl..
Firefly Cleaning Kit
The Firefly Cleaning Kit includes all you need to keep your Firefly or Firefly 2 vaporizer clean and performing at its best. Each order includes: 1pc Multi-Purpose Brush 5pcs Replacement Ch..
Power Bank
The Power Bank by Storz & Bickel holds enough power to recharge a portable vaporiser about 2/3 times, depending on the battery size. The custom-built power bank features rechargeable Li-Ion batter..
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