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Aurora Magnetic USB Battery Charger
Magnetic USB Battery Charger for Dr. Dabber Aurora pen vaporizer. Please note that this charger will function exclusively with the Dr. Dabber Aurora but not with the previous generation Aura. Each ..
Aurora Top Replacement with Atomizers
One replacement Dr. Dabber Aurora Top including 3 quartz dish atomizers which are designed for different types of oils and waxes. Each Aurora Top includes the Contoured Ceramic mouthpiece, the Airf..
Boost Nail Replacement
One replacement Nail for Dr. Dabber Boost e-rig. Please note that this nail will fit exclusively on the Boost e-rig. Upon addiing the nail to your cart, select between Titanium, Quartz or Ceramic nail..
Boost Replacement Glass Attachment
One Replacement Glass attachment for the Dr. Dabber Boost. Please note that this attachment will not fit Dr. Dabber Ghost or Dr. Dabber Light.  Each order includes: 1pc Dr. Dabber Boost ..
Dr. Dabber Aurora Atomizer
Based on 3 reviews.
Replacement Atomizer for Dr. Dabber Aurora (formally Aura) oil/wax vaporizer. Please select your favorite Atomizer: The Aurora Quartz on Quartz Magnetic Atomizer employs dual titanium ..
Dr. Dabber Aurora Battery
Based on 1 reviews.
One replacement Dr. Dabber Battery compatible with the newest Aurora vaporizer by Dr. Dabber as well as with the previous generation Aura vaporizer. Each order includes: 1pc Dr. Dabber Batter..
Dr. Dabber Aurora Ceramic Mouthpiece
Replacement Dr. Dabber Aurora Ceramic Mouthpiece. Upon adding the mouthpiece to your cart, please select if you prefer the Flat Mouthpiece or the Shotgun which is the cylindrical one. Each order in..
Dr. Dabber Battery (Ghost & Light)
One replacement Dr. Dabber Battery either for Ghost pen vaporizer or Light. Each order includes: 1pc Dr. Dabber Battery   ..
Dr. Dabber Carrying Case
The Dr. Dabber Carrying Case is your travel solution for your Dr. Dabber Ghost Pen and accessories. The sleek carbon fibre-printed case has separate compartments that can store your Ghost pen, USB Cha..
Dr. Dabber Ghost Atomizer
Replacement Dr. Dabber Ghost Atomizer. The atomizer (coil/heating element) does not include the mouthpiece and it features a medical grade ceramic wick wrapped with a grade 4 titanium heating coil. T..
Dr. Dabber Ghost Top
One replacement Dr. Dabber Ghost Top comprising the contoured plastic mouthpiece, the Filter piece including its silicone part and the Titanium Ghost Atomizer. The latter sports a Medical Grade cerami..
Dr. Dabber Glass Globe
One Dr. Dabber Glass Globe Attachement compatible with Dr. Dabber Ghost oil vaporizer. The Glass Globe Attachment measures approximately 6.5cm in length and is made with safe materials of the highe..
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