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All-Glass Mini Whip Set
The All-Glass Mini Whip Set by Arizer is a new balloon system for the Extreme Q Vaporizer. When using this set you no longer require the silicone tubing for balloon’s inflation and thanks to the all-g..
Arizer All-Glass Mini Whip
One replacement All-Glass Mini Whip with domed screen. This is a replacement part for the Glass Mini Whip Set compatible exclusively with the Extreme Q vaporizer by Arizer. Each order includes: ..
Arizer Cyclone Bowl
Based on 7 reviews.
One original Arizer Cyclone Bowl comapatible with the Extreme Q Vaporizer and the V-Tower model. The Cyclone Bowl is made using only the highest quality materials and it includes one screen and black ..
Arizer Dome Screen 4 Pack
The Arizer Dome Screen Pack includes 4 rimmed dome screen for the Glass Elbow Adapter  and they are comaptible with Arizer Extreme Q and V-Tower Vaporizers. Each order Includes: 4 pcs Ri..
Arizer Glass Elbow Adapter
Based on 1 reviews.
One original Arizer Glass Elbow Adapter compatible with Extreme Q Vaporizer as well as V-Tower Vaporizer. The Elbow Adapter is made using only the highest quality materials and to ensure the ..
Arizer Glass Heater Cover
One replacement Glass Heater Cover compatible with Extreme Q and V-Tower table top vaporizer. Please note that this OEM Arizer part will only fit Extreme Q / V-Tower models from 2010 to late..
Arizer Power Adapter
An original Arizer Power Adapter compatible with Extreme Q vaporizer and with V Tower vaporizer. The Power Supply Adapter is 110v-240v compatible. Each order includes: 1pc Powe..
Arizer Power Pack Battery
The rechargeable Power Pack Battery for Arizer Extreme Q and V-Tower vaporizers will turn your desktop unit into a fully functional portable vaporizer when there are no plugs nearby. The 50W portab..
Arizer Replacement Hose
Based on 1 reviews.
One original Arizer Replacement Hose compatible with Extreme Q and V-Tower Vaporizers. This whip hose is 90cm long, FDA approved to inhale from and is composed of high quality, food gra..
Arizer Screen Pack
Based on 1 reviews.
One replacement Screen Pack comaptible with Arizer Extreme Q and V-Tower Vaporizers. Each order Includes: 2 pcs Rimmed dome screens 2 pcs Flat screens   ..
Arizer Tuff Bowl
Based on 1 reviews.
This original Arizer Tuff Bowl is compatible with Extreme Q Vaporizer and V-Tower Vaporizer. The Tuff Bowl is essentially identical to the the Cyclone Bowl but it's surrounded with high..
Arizer Whip Kit
Based on 1 reviews.
One original Arizer Whip Kit comaptible with Extreme Q Vaporizer and V-Tower Vaporizer. Each Whip Kit includes: 1 meter long food grade tubing Elbow Adapter with screen Glass Mouthpiece ..
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