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7th Floor

7th Floor, makers of the famous Silver Surfer Vaporizer and Da Buddha, are the leader in fully custom, superior quality vaporizers.  For 8 Years the company has been extremely passionate about vaporizing, always pursuring the highest quality and some of the most effective vaporizers in the world.

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Ceramic Flavor Disk
The Ceramic Flavor Disk allows you to add oils to the plant material in your glass wand. The disk is ceramic and completely inert and comes in two different sizes for the Flavor Disks depending on you..
Da Buddha Vaporizer
Based on 11 reviews.
Designed and handmade in the USA, the Da Buddha Vaporizer is a high quality whip-style vaporizer and for sure the ultimate in vaporization technology together with its brother Silver Surfer Vaporizer...
Donut Mouthpiece for DBV
Designed specifically for use with Da Buddha Vaporizers by 7th Floor, these handblown Donut Glass Mouthpiece are unique and beautiful creations. Each exclusive piece is made to promote ma..
Donut Mouthpiece for SSV
Designed specifically for use with Silver Surfer Vaporizers by 7th Floor, these handblown Donut Glass Mouthpiece are unique and beautiful creations. Each exclusive piece is made to promote max..
Flavor Oil Vapor Kit for Da Buddha Vaporizer
One Flavor Oil Vapor Kit compatible exclusively with Da Buddha Vaporizer. Specifically engineered for the vaporization of concentrate oils, the Heater Cover is open for easy access and comes with a Gl..
Glass Character Pick
Based on 2 reviews.
The coolest Glass Marble Pick by 7th Floor for SSV and DBV vaporizers. The stirring pick has a unique glass character on the end of a stainless steel rod. Choose from apple, bear, mushroom. Ch..
Glass Flower Screen
One Glass Flower Screen from 7th Floor Vaporizers. The Glass Screen is compatible with most portable vaporizers and with all desktop vaporizers. Mixed with your blend, the flower will i..
Glass Knob for SSV, DBV, LSV
A replacement Glass Knob for your Silver Surfer Vaporizer, Da Buddha and Life Saber Vaporizers. All glass knobs are hand blown by the company's master glass makers. Each knob is unique and will fit an..
Glass Marble Pick
One original 7th Floor Glass Marble Pick. Each pick is handblown with colorful custom glass. Same as the one you've received with your vaporizer, the stirring pick is made from a stainless s..
Glass Mouthpiece by 7th Floor
The Glass Mouthpiece by 7th Floor is designed specifically for use with Da Buddha Vaporizer and Silver Surfer Vaporizer. This handblown borosilicate Glass Mouthpiece creates an airtight connectivity, ..
Glass Oil Diffuser DBV
Specifically designed for use with the Da Buddha vaporizer, this Glass Oil Diffuser fit perfectly on the Da Buddha Vaporizer Electric Candle and is designed to diffuse essential oils for aromathe..
Glass Star Screen
A star shaped Glass Screen be used to improve vapor production in your vaporizer by mixing the star with your blend or it can be placed on top of the heating coil of your herbal pen vaporizer to avoid..
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